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17.10.2017 17:08 (Cat: Oakland, Season 12)

Announcing the CS:GO groups and format for Intel® Extreme Masters Oakland!

See who will be facing who in the IEM Oakland CS:GO group stage.

16.10.2017 20:13 (Cat: Oakland, Season 12)

Latest invites, full qualification details & format adjustment for the IEM Oakland - PUBG Invitational

Read for full details on the qualifiers, the latest invited teams and more!

12.10.2017 17:17 (Cat: Oakland, Season 12)

Welcome, Newegg, as an official partner of Intel® Extreme Masters Oakland!

All IEM Oakland attendees will be able to check out and purchase latest gaming technology at the Newegg booth.

06.10.2017 20:13 (Cat: Oakland)

One more joins the final circle—welcome Alliance to IEM Oakland!

This newly formed roster will join the top teams from gamescom on the IEM main stage

05.10.2017 21:07 (Cat: Oakland)

Meet the invited teams for the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational

Meet the direct invites to the first North American PUBG LAN at IEM Oakland!

04.10.2017 17:14 (Cat: Oakland)

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS makes its Intel® Extreme Masters debut with IEM Oakland - PUBG Invitational

20 teams. 80 players. One battle for $200,000. Witness PUBG live at IEM Oakland 2017!

03.10.2017 22:41 (Cat: Oakland)

Team EnVyUs and OpTic Gaming qualify for Intel® Extreme Masters Oakland!

The NA and EU Qualifiers determine the last two CS:GO teams headed to IEM Oakland.

25.09.2017 12:19 (Cat: Oakland, Season 12)

The MongolZ qualify to Intel® Extreme Masters Oakland!

Catch up on the East & Southeast Asian qualifier for IEM Oakland.

21.09.2017 17:32 (Cat: Oakland, Season 12)

The teams, brackets, and schedules are set for the EU and NA closed qualifiers for IEM Oakland!

Eight teams will compete in both EU and NA for a slot in Bay Area’s premier CS:GO tournament.

19.09.2017 17:06 (Cat: Season 12, Oakland)

Updating the IEM rulebook: teams can now request to participate in qualifiers outside their home regions given proper cause

In special cases outlined below, teams can petition to play in a qualifier outside of their home region.

07.09.2017 19:25 (Cat: Oakland, Season 12)

Reigning IEM Oakland champions return to defend their title - welcome, Ninjas in Pyjamas!

Last year, it was the Swedes of Ninjas in Pyjamas who lifted the trophy in the Oracle Arena. Will they repeat their success?

05.09.2017 19:46 (Cat: Oakland, Season 12)

The Major runner-ups are coming to Oakland - welcome, Immortals!

The Brazilians took second place at the most recent Valve Major. Can they take it all at the Oracle Arena this November?

01.09.2017 11:50 (Cat: Oakland, Season 12)

Three teams have their chance to qualify for Intel® Extreme Masters Oakland!

Teams from around the globe have their shot to compete at the Bay Area’s premier esports event.

04.08.2017 17:01 (Cat: Oakland, Season 12)

The current Major champions are heading to Oakland for their first ever Intel® Extreme Masters!

Gambit Esports join the team lineup of IEM Oakland.

30.07.2017 11:31 (Cat: Shanghai, Season 12)

The Intel® Extreme Masters Shanghai 2017 champion has been crowned!

See how the semifinals and grand final unfolded on the last day of IEM Shanghai.

29.07.2017 12:01 (Cat: Shanghai, Season 12)

Only four players remain in the running for the IEM Shanghai championship!

See how the quarterfinal matches played out on day three of Intel® Extreme Masters Shanghai.

28.07.2017 13:33 (Cat: Shanghai, Season 12)

The playoffs are set for Intel® Extreme Masters Shanghai!

Matches of groups C and D determined which last four players will compete in the playoffs.

27.07.2017 13:22 (Cat: Shanghai, Season 12)

First four players qualify to the playoffs of IEM Shanghai!

Intel® Extreme Masters Shanghai kicked off at ChinaJoy with groups A and B delivering some exciting matches.

26.07.2017 13:02 (Cat: Shanghai, Season 12)

IEM Shanghai 2017: Group D Preview and Predictions

In this fourth and final edition of our preview series, we go into group D.

26.07.2017 12:54 (Cat: Shanghai, Season 12)

IEM Shanghai 2017: Group C Preview and Predictions

In the third edition of this series, we take a closer look at group C from the Ro16 at IEM Shanghai.

25.07.2017 14:10 (Cat: Shanghai, Season 12)

IEM Shanghai 2017: Group B Preview and Predictions

In the second part of our four-part series, we’re taking a deeper look at group B.

24.07.2017 17:49 (Cat: Shanghai, Season 12)

IEM Shanghai 2017 - Group A preview and predictions

In this four-part series, we will take a deeper look at each group in the Ro16 at IEM Shanghai, including the stats, predictions and rivalries that could plague each player's conscience as they prepare for an incredibly difficult task to be written in IEM history. We begin with the group that houses the King of Katowice, the most recent IEM champion TY Group A TYPenguiNBunnyDark The starting group of the tournament has two favourites - and rightfully so - as champions of IEM and SSL look to m

24.07.2017 16:00 (Cat: IEM, General, ESL One CS:GO, ESL One Dota 2, ESL Pro League - CS:GO, Announcement)

ESL aligns with ESIC’s recommendation on sanctions for cheating in esports

Updating the tournament rules for IEM, ESL One, ESL Pro League series, ESEA and amateur competitions.

19.07.2017 16:49 (Cat: Shanghai, Season 12)

Welcome Acer as the official desktop PC and notebook sponsor of Intel® Extreme Masters Shanghai!

The IEM Shanghai 2017 players and broadcast team will be powered by Acer’s latest technologies

18.07.2017 17:31 (Cat: Shanghai, Season 12)

The IEM legacy in China - take a trip back to some of the best moments of StarCraft® II at our Chinese events!

Our Chinese stops delivered many unforgettable StarCraft II moments. Let’s relive some of the best of them ahead of IEM Shanghai!

12.07.2017 17:15 (Cat: Shanghai)

The faces and voices for our 34th StarCraft® II event at Intel® Extreme Masters!

The old guard join together once again to keep you extremely entertained and well informed!

30.06.2017 16:43 (Cat: Shanghai)

The tournament of Champions - the Intel® Extreme Masters Shanghai player lineup is now complete!

All qualifiers have completed as 16 of the finest SC2 players join together for the battle of Shanghai.

26.06.2017 23:59 (Cat: Oakland)

Is it finally their time to shine? Team Liquid head to Oakland for Intel® Extreme Masters!

Team Liquid will power up the North American representation at IEM Oakland.

26.06.2017 22:00 (Cat: Oakland)

Cloud9 join the lineup - welcome the first North American team to Intel® Extreme Masters Oakland!

The North American fan favorites join an already stacked tournament.